Looking for something to learn

Hey there! I’m looking to test myself, by trying to script something that’s super difficult, and uses a vast variety of services, etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Something like a meteor staff that summons a meteor that would fall wherever your mouse is. This may or may not use a lot of services. But, you can add the meteor to a collection service tag. It would fall out of the sky and damage all players in a certain radius around it, there would also have to be a lot of fire and stuff. Mabey use a trail of fire as it falls. These are just some ideas.

If you’d like to test yourself, you should check out #public-collaboration:public-recruitment. You could definitely “test” yourself while making some money, and also helping other developers create a great game!


That is actually really easy to make. Just the use of targetpositions with mouse, along with a few, if not only one remote event and position tweening of lookvector.

Ok, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be. I just threw it out there. I guess it also depends on your level of skill. For beginners it may be more difficult than for seasoned veterans.

Easy?! Lol I don’t even know how you could do that haha! :laughing: