Looking for team members for a Roleplay Fire Service game

I’ve finally decided on a game I’d like to create.

The game itself will be based in Lancashire, United Kingdom, and will have fire engines such as these:

I’m looking for a scripter to script fires, and the fire engines.

I’m looking for another builder/modeler to assist with the map building, and the building of the fire engines.

And finally a GFX Designer to create the GFX for the game.

Pay for the game will be based off of revenue from ingame.
Scripter & Builder will get 20% of all revenues each.
GFX Designer will receive 5% of all revenues.
Rates are negotiable.

Add me on discord to join.


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Your post may be more successful if you suggest upfront prices for work in addition to the % of revenue. Imo, this game doesn’t seem like it will be producing a lot of revenue so people may prefer the upfront cash.


That isn’t physically possible for me, I don’t have any previous successes in ROBLOX so I can’t provide upfront payment.

I have to agree here. Providing a percentage of the game’s potential earnings is not a stable form of payment as your game could be a total flop. I have seen recently an increase in the amount of posts offering just a % of payments, this just isn’t going to work. As somebody else said in this forum, you’re paying for top developer level work from the best developers out there.

If it means you have to invest, do it! If you’re that passionate about your game, you’ll take a risk.

Make a tycoon or an obby.

no shame no gain

Something you know can be monetized well that won’t take more than two weeks to make.

Whats is the price for developers?

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