Looking for team members for my group Pump Games! (OPEN)

Greetings fellow developers, i am excited to tell you about a brand new studio i have set up
that you will hopefully be interested in! Meet Pump Games, a new studio dedicated to
making wonderous fantasy worlds and dangerous non-charted territory for gamers to venture
throughout. This post will hopefully show you why you should work for us here at Pump Games
and the types of projects we hope to work on with you!

At Pump Games we need many jobs to keep us afloat and not scraping for dirt, here is what we
have available for the moment!

  • Project Directors (the people that lead our many game projects)

  • Developers ( to make the game alongside the directors and to put ideas to code lines and

  • Advertisers (these people advertise the games for the group)

Of course, there is no reason to say what jobs we need without saying what we do, is there?
Here is what we are going to mainly work on:

  • First Person Shooter games (more movement-based like TF2 and Titanfall

  • JRPG-style games (think final fantasy’s more recent games and BOTW)

I recommend having a somewhat decent experience with some of these games, as they
are going to be what we will be basing our games off of. A lack of experience could result in
delays, flops and unpolished gameplay that we do not want consumers to experience. Anyways,
how do you get hired?

Joining is simple, Have some experience in what you want to be hired for by showing
work previously done and i can evaluate if it is worth hiring. My standards are somewhat
moderately difficult to please, but I am guessing almost everyone on these forums are
probably better than what i expect of them so it won’t be that hard to please me with
your work. Any skill set is wanted, and any skillset is welcome. You 3D model? Cool!
You script? Amazing! ect. I would recommend that you are good at making scripts, models,
builds ect within the themes our group focuses on. And now for some final notes.

We at pump games (by we I mean me since i’m the only person working there at the time of writing this) are excited to see what people will say about the post, payment for the projects is
mostly going to be percentage, as right now we have almost no money :frowning_face:, if you
are thinking of joining send me some way to contact you and send a join request to
Pump Games - Roblox so we can work together on
our projects. Thank you for your time, and stay safe! :heart:

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