Looking for testers

I’m currently a solo builder/coder on a game that is fairly fleshed out and am looking for a small group of testers to provide feedback on the current state of the game and the planned expansion of it prior to release. The game is a 1st person Obby/RPG fusion type game.

If you’re a creator and want to offer your services, that’s fine - but not a requirement. I’m just looking for testers right now.

We don’t have a discord or other community hub yet because there’s little point in creating one without having people willing to join it. If you’re interested in testing out the game and getting involved then let me know, if we end up with a few willing participants I will set up a community hub on discord where we can collaborate and see where things go.

This isn’t a paid position right now - but I’m not opposed to paying testers who come with builder experience and offer up their expertise to improve aspects of the game beyond verbal feedback. That will be done on an ad-hoc basis.



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