Looking for testers

Im looking for testers on my roblox game because there are some bugs, but I don’t have enough information on them. So please play my game and tell me if you find bugs!

Game link: [💎Cave] Ninja Simulator 🥷 - Roblox

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Tried the game, I actually enjoyed it :slight_smile: and found ONLY ONE bug, when u go in first person your camera doesnt lock.


Also when someone is dead and you hit them you get +1 kill even if they were already dead

And the Infinite Jumps gamepass is not working…!

it should work when you reset i think

i dont know why this happens if you know please inform me

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nevermind i think there was a bug that made it so it only works when u have the x2 power gamepass

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This should probably be in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback in order to get more people to play and test it

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I still cant jump infinitely. I jump 5 i mean 4 times and then im not able to jump higher anymore.

nvm it works ^^