Looking for tips on creating an FPS System

Hey DevForum,

I’m looking for tips/tricks for creating my first ever First Person Shooter system. More specifically the gun system. In my 7 years of Roblox Development I have yet to make more than a simple pea shooter and want to change that but haven’t been able to find any really good advice on it. An Open-Source FPS/Gun System would be great as well if anyone knows of one which I could use to learn off of.

Thanks in advance for any tips/leads!

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There’s a great post on creating FPS games, its what used to make some of my projects: Making an FPS framework: 2020 edition

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if you want some Open Source FPS Gun system then i recommend you this one


FE Gun kit Viewmodel is extremely important for some people who are lazy to make their own Gun system

you can also customize the stats, Particles, Animation, Viewmodels etc.

Every FPS uses CFrame making it hard for developers to animate firing and reloading

Instead of CFrame now FE Gun kit Viewmodel got ability to allow you using Animation Editor that you want

with Customizable Projectiles

made by thienbao2109 and i upload this just to save time

whats the benefits of using its rather than using the original one ?

the original doesn’t require viewmodels, the downside here is that you will get some awkward animations
the modified version requires viewmodels, the downside here is that you will need to make 2 animations for everything (1 for third person, 1 for viewmodel)