Looking for tips on how to make this house spookier

Hey there, I’m about to release my Halloween story game. Before i do so, I’m changing some things around and was wondering how i can make this house spookier? Any suggestions would help me greatly!


Add flickering lights, or some abandoned stuff. A grave would be excellent and a final touch of skull and pumpkins will help out. I suggest making a path to the house with these types of items on the sides.

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I would search up, secluded haunted buildings and take inspiration. The house looks too intact to my personal opinion for a “spooky” or scary house. Especially weathering by the looks of it, it is in the woods? The building paint should definitely be dulled down. Other things like broken windows, boarded up, spooky things on the ground or if you peak through the broken boarded up window you see something. And personally try and fill the area a bit more. Definitely where I come from the front of a house in this type of area is more lively, sheds, barns, wells, etc. Last off try and diversify your vegetation.

Edit: Also I agree with above try and add something me flickering lights and such it would definitely help with ambience

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Broken windows, maybe the moon in the background. Some spiderwebs on the porch.

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Ooo yes I like a creepy/scary game. I’d say you should change the roof to a more wooden and old looking roof to just give it that derelict feeling. You could also add the cliché spiderwebs on the exterior and the interior. Also, add more trees in the background so that the place feels more secluded. Good luck!

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There are many ways to make it place feel eerie or spooky you could consider playing around with the fog - ambience and lighting to get a overall natural appearance. Add some dried trees along the entrance cobwebs certain parts across the surface, always use reference images of the things your trying to create as it’ll help you getting those important details around the areas.

I think that you could add some vegetation around the background since it’s a bit looking empty. I do believe you could add some trees to cover the certain areas of the land so it doesn’t look all empty, you could try looking up some reference image to get an idea on what a spooky house features most of the ideas can be thought on your own approach.

I believe you could possibly add some foliage on the land and house itself such as (vines, moss, weeds, dirt). Another thing I’ll say is if you look at a couple of images of eerie spooky objects you’ll see it has a kind of an spooky feel to it, I would add a bit of fog to your scene so it looks more realistic.

After all, brainstorm general ideas and see what the end result brings you.

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Great idea! I do have in the story where there are flickering lights inside this house! :slight_smile:

Love all the ideas! Thanks everyone, who has given them so far. I will send a picture once im done with it! :smiley:

I saw some epic halloween design and basically skeletons which climb on the roof of a house and also you could add spider webs


I would maybe fix the lighting a bit and add some rust or grunge. I think adding skulls would make it less spooky but that’s just an opinion so if you think it might look spookier add that. I would also add some blood stains and text in blood but roblox would probably take that down for no reason. You could also just add like something in the background like maybe some animals or creatures hanging on a tree. Broken windows are also good, maybe even a chainsaw or knife, etc.

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If you are going for something spooky, I recommend using darker colors instead of bright yellow. Also try adding a shingle roof, with some broken, twisted, and unwedged. Try spacing out the trees, it gives it a more spooky effect. Lastly, make it so the windows are not as transparent, and make the door have just one window, this makes it harder to see inside/outside, so if there is a monster outside, It would be more scary because they wouldn’t be able to see where it is all the time.
All in all this build is amazing and it is high quality. I hope to see more good work in the future!

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Exactly what i meant! good job!

Cover it in blood and bones/corpses shoved under the porch

Your updated one is great, but I think it’s a bit too difficult to see anything. You could try adding a dimly lit lantern or something sitting on the porch outside, just keep it bright enough to see outlines, but not so bright that it makes it easy to see inside.


It’s a good improvement, but i think the switched material choice looks a little bland and repetitive, are you going for a abandoned house look?

If your wanting a eerie approach play around with the fog properties and ambient to set a nice atmosphere. The material could use some work as the overhang roof is basic and large looking.

Since you’ve chosen similar materials on the build to be brick ill consider experimenting with variety of materials - colors, and try making areas come to life. Instead of the basic materials and shapes on the building play, around with the lighting and make it hard to see from certain areas and from a far distance. Spooky designs always feature a dark approach with particles and vegetation.

I am loving it, I suggest adding a lantern or some time of lighting like what SteamG0D said. Also changing the color of the bricks instead of black would look good.

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Some things to make this house look more run down is you should make the house look more run down, add some flickering light, and maybe add some weird sounds when a player enters the house to make it even more creepy.

Make some of the ballisters crocked/broken. You can also make a broken window as well.

I think that wooden planks would make it look awesome and with some moss, cracks on the walls… It would be perfect (That’s just my opinion ofc)

I’m a horrible artist

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