[LOOKING FOR UI!] Bank of Isla


About Us

Hello! We’re Bank of Isla, a new roleplaying based group aiming to innovate the Roblox platform.

The Team
5% @WhoIsLords- Environmental Design + PM
0% @EnderDoge36 - Builder
15% @stickza - Builder
20% @SlimeMan22 - Scripter
10% @could_be_you- UI

THE REST % - Goes back into advertising

Our progress so far:

About The Job

We’re looking for multiple positions to join us. This is a great opportunity for working with a team, and being part of something that has “mucho potential”.

Our game is very lively, to create this, we need a hardworking team. All team members will be expected to follow the schedule (don’t worry, I can work with your current schedule), to finish deadlines on time. It’s a city based game, with the bank at the heart.


Currently, we’re only offering percentages. However, I do have so much respect for developers, and am willing to provide all of the developers with a $5 - $10 nitro gift each month (out of my own pocket).

Contact Us

You can contact me at lord#3362 on discord!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Please, only respond if you have a genuine question that you feel applies to other people too. Anything else, message me and I will respond ASAP.


I’m interested. Will contact but I don’t think I’m skilled enough

Edit: I forgot the

Sorry about that

Hello DevForum! The Bank of Isla is still searching for a capable UI artist. Among perks such as discord nitro and a relaxed environment, we provide the opportunity to hone your skills and assist in sponsoring your personal games (if applicable)!

sent you a dm regarding this job task

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