Looking for vector graphics of concentric circles

It’s no secret that distorting images with GUI elements does not produce the best results. What I’m looking for is a 1D mipmapping of a concentric circle image. In paint.NET, the results of this are less than stellar: (click for full image)

What I’m looking for is an image with the following properties:

The base image is 512x512
Odd concentric rings are 10 pixels wide
Even concentric rings are 4 pixels wide
The dot in the center is 12 pixels wide
Ring radii are in multiples of 50
Every mipmap is half the height of the above, until you get to 1 pixel, for a total height of 1023 pixels.
The stroke of the rings changes with the mipmap, so the next level stroke is half of the current at the top and bottom, but the same on the left and right.

Payment: up to 700 robux (1000 before tax)

I’ve got someone working on this.


thanks to @ZarsBranchkin for filling this request!

Out of curiosity, are you making some kind of radar? :0

I am.

A very special 3D radar.

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