Looking for Weapon suggestions

Hello, so I’m making a randomizer weapon game. I’m looking for weapon suggestions. If you have any feel free to say below. I’ll be doing most of them.


I’m going to reference a bunch of metal slug weapons that you could use.

A normal pistol that shoots a single bullet per click

Heavy Machine Gun
A burst machine gun that shoots roughly 10 bullets per click

Missile Launcher
A rocket launcher which shoots once per click, once the projectile collides with a player or an object it explodes

Super Grenade
A missile launcher with much bigger bullets and much bigger explosions

Enemy Chaser
A missile launcher with projectiles that home the nearest enemy

Drop Shot
Like the missile launcher but with incredibly high bullet drop, meaning it falls over time, once the bullet falls to the ground it rolls around like a little ball

A gun that shoots many times per click, spreading each bullet different ways, this gun doesn’t have great range

Flame Shot
Like the shotgun but lights the enemy on fire if any of the projectiles come in contact

Laser Gun
This gun shoots one beam per click which lasts a while before de-spawning, touching the beam at all will damage you

Like a heavy machine gun but with much more ammo and 20 bullets for each click

Double Machine Gun
2 heavy machine guns that shoot at the same time

Sniper Rifle
Single shot per click gun that deals high amounts of damage

Iron Lizard
A gun that shoot remote control cars which have a bomb attached to them

Thunder Shot
A gun which shoots thunder, the thunder hits the nearest enemy

I didn’t exactly use the weapon descriptions for my suggestions, so if you are interested in the original weapons here is the website: Weapons | Metal Slug Wiki | Fandom

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I’ll try my best to add them lol. Thats a lot.

Alright, good luck man. If I’m able to come up with more ideas I’ll edit the previous message.

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try A @Qin2007 shooter
or a insta server killer [a thing that kills all players] or
a @Qin2007 bot spawner that kills every one it touches

Did something like that. Except it’s a flame thrower. 1/ 10000000000 done.

Ooo alright, awesome! Would you mind providing any images or videos when you finish it? I’m interested to see how it turns out.

ok here it is:


That’s really good, great job! All I can suggest is slightly more damage and maybe make your own flame particle so you can configure it accordingly to fit more properly. But overall, you’re doing phenomenally!

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