Looking Scripter/Gui Texture/modeler to make the best game in thw world

  • What is the idea:
    Hello everyone, first of all I want to invite you to a project that my brother and I plan to do a few days, we went to the park and we met a friend who had bought a skateboard and did not lend it for a while and we liked using it and we said why not do A skating game in Roblox and when we were thinking we saw that there was already one doing it, we saw it, we entered and we thought it was good and that it was not and we happened to make a game there but with variations for example it would not only be about skating and making money but that will be a simulator you can skate and earn money, buy pets, new skateboards, rebirth , buy more islands, trade pets and many other things.

This is the game that we tell you that already exists, we want to make some of your ideas but improve them as the developers like it.

Some work of us:
I know how to model but not how to make texures

My brother:

Available positions:
-Script and GUI (You will need to make both)
-Modeler and texture (You will need to make the GFX, adds and tumbials)

-has at least 5 months making that work
-Have a good relationship
-has a portfolio or gifs or games to try

Things that are preferable:
-Speak Spanish and English
-Have more than 1 year doing that job
-have played or participated in a game that has been launched

We are paying 25% or 30%, it depends on the developers who are, if it were 33%, the other 1% would keep the group, we have almost $ 1000 robux for ads and they earn us more since the group sells a lot of clothes


Contact Us:
Discord server:


Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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