Looking to add further detail and complexity

I’m looking for some feedback and ideas for my building. The idea/theme is something I guess similar to the SCP genre where the cover is an oil rig operation in the middle of the sea, the prision section will be at the bottom of the sea.

Currently I feel like there isn’t any complexity to epically the walls and just feels very boring, while that’s partially what I want, being somewhat realistic, I think we could make it look a little more interesting. Any feedback is much appreciated!!

Thank you again for your help!


More than there already is? it is amazing. Don’t over complicate things and work too much on details where you don’t need them.

Thank you for the compliment! And it might just be a personal gripe, I just feel like there’s a lot of dead space and repetitiveness.

After looking at it again, you could add some more equipment in the gym area, and maybe desks with computers in the error room?

Posters and other Foundation propaganda always makes a site more lively

maybe add a window that opens into the sea?

+You did great on the walls and the roof but floor looks a bit boring, try adding more details to the floor etc. It can be good i believe.