[LOOKING TO BE HIRED - Experienced Builder]

  • About Me:

Hello, my name is SquaredSix. I have been on the Roblox platform for eight years and have been building for six years. Being a professional builder and building is a passion of mine. Over the years through sheer dedication and perseverance, I have perfected my craft!

I learnt to build through self-taught lessons, experienced teachers and trial and error. I now lead Spur Architecture, A development studio concentrated in building design. We have over 150+ members on our Discord and over 1000+ members in our Roblox group!

Spur Architecture is full of experienced developers from all areas of development, not just building. We have a wide range of Builders, 3D- Builders, Coders, GFX Artists, UI Artists, and Animators, all ranging in price.

  • My Build Portfolio:

Here are a few photos of my best builds, if you’d like to see more examples of my work or any of my developers work please join the Spur Architecture Discord Server, (Link in Contact information).

  • Contact Information:

You can contact me or any of our developers via Spur Architecture’s Discord Server. If you are not able to contact me via discord please send me a messages on the Developer Forum.

Discord: Discord


look at this thing he said in the post.


Squared, it has been an honour being with you in SPUR Architect. And it’s been an honour being guided by you, and Kw.


I recommend you practice try to work on detail.

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Alright, will do. Do you have a game that is released with your builds on it ? I just wanted to get some inspiration from you (if you dont mind)