Looking to be in a MMORPG project

Hello my name is Icy. I’m looking forward working in a MMORPG project. I specialize in Building, Terrains, Lighting and Modeling. I also can do l some GFX, Animating, Trailer making if these will come in handy. The type of game I’m willing to work in will be a open world or dungeon crawling MMORPG game (best if low poly-ish or with roblox terrain) with it’s own combat system, gameplay, logo, mascot, name, etc because I don’t like games that are too inspired by another game. The project should have a good and experienced project manager, 2+ builder (if it’s opened world), 2+ scripter since rpg games take a long time, and funds for advertising and hiring. And last note I wouldn’t be interested if the game is anime related. If you’re interested please DM me!
Discord : Icy#9608
Portfolio : https://sites.google.com/view/icysportfolio/home
Hope to see you in development!

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