[Looking to Buy] Handcuffs with Escort and Jail Event

Hello, my partner @blubberpug and I, are looking for a new Handcuff system for our growing group.

The handcuffs should only be equipped by players within a group. Once equipped, if the player touches another player with the handcuffs, it should weld the suspect to the player with the cuffs. The person detained should also have their hands behind their back and slightly bent forward. The player with the cuffs should be escorting the suspect with the right arm.

While the suspect is being escorted, a GUI should allow the player with the cuffs to release the suspect, or send the suspect the jail. There should be three levels of jail time (2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes), all of which will depend on the rank in the group required to use the cuffs.

This system will need to call a remote event with the following arguments ((string) suspectName, (int) time). I will handle the jailing on the server-side.

For details please contact:
Austin Sharp#6025 on discord.

Pricing should be discussed during initial contact.

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Hello I am scripter
and I have fundamentals in what you are asking I would like to speak with you for a possible agreement
here’s my discord: GanzoDev # 1637

I am sure I can make the above mentioned Jail Escort System.
I would like to talk more about it on discord: Vedant#4851.

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