Looking to Commission For a Large Dungeon Project! (120k+)

  • Public listing
  • 1 - 2 spots currently available (flexible, if you wish to invite your team, I require proof of works for each individual as well)

Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking to invest in a scripter/builder (you must be partly both, as well as working with animations and a little bit of AI). It is going to be a large project extension to Productive Industries and will be much larger than the main game.

Currently the details of the finished product are strictly non-disclosed material (I will disclose most details of the plan privately) but the details I can give at the moment are as follows:

  • I am looking for a 1-time (updates if needed) commission of a procedural MMORPG-style dungeon. If you wish to continue working on it after that it is entirely up to you but I cannot promise anything more than a cut once its done.
  • Data will be partially transferable to and from the Productive Industries Sandbox Building Tycoon.
  • The reason for this is for players to be able to conduct large-scale raids on certain floors while also being able to reap the rewards and build their tycoon up as well. The plan for the inter-connective systems are very separate but conjoined at the same time. (Partial data transfer)
  • Accepting a Commission for this project will also mean giving you permanent access to the Productive Industries studio game as well as a Developer rank on my Discord server.
  • The base investment for the project as it stands is a minimum of 40k R$ for base content and an additional 40k R$ the more complete the work is, currently capped at 120k ROBUX. For more details on this, feel free to ask away.
  • Here’s the only catch: The Commission work cannot be done on a separate CTRL+N place (for the most part). I need to be able to see the work that is done as well as contribute to it.
  • This is going to be a collaboration project as well. I don’t expect or want you to do it alone.
  • As well as some public details available on the Trello board (I’ll send if requested).

All further details will be revealed on Discord. If you wish to add me on it, feel free to @ me on my public Discord server (Invite ID is CykwZVg) and I will add you and answer any questions.

  • Footnote: I stress this in the most serious way possible: I need somebody who doesn’t quit on projects and is confident in their work. This is going to be a massive project and the initial commission is only for if you want to complete it all at once. That is my target but not a requirement. I will absolutely pay more if it is required.

History of works / Portfolio:

  • I am a relatively small Scripter. I’ve created with some people a total of 2 games with over a million place visits and a couple games with hundreds of thousands. Ratings for my games are generally approximately 4 out of 5 people like it. I am looking to use this project as an excuse to better myself as well and will be putting my 100% in it.
  • I’ve been Scripting and managing/collaborating on roblox projects for over 10 years, since December 4th, 2007 (My main’s join date)
  • Productive Industries (2016, 1M+, 3 Player Collab): Productive Industries
  • ROBLOX Chair Racing (2012, 1.9M+, 15+ Player Collab): ROBLOX Chair Racing
  • SLITHERBLOX Scripting demo (2016, 230k+, 2 Player Collab): SLITHERBLOX
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Off topic; Chair Racing is a name I’ve not heard in years! Love your games dude :slight_smile:

Literally my childhood.

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Thanks B) Glad you liked it!

Will you be looking for a GFX artist at some point? :slight_smile:

Might be fun to try commissioning art. I’ll always be on my discord server :slight_smile:

I’m honestly so tempted to apply, yet at the same time, a bit worried. I’ve never done paid work, and I would feel bad if the consumer didn’t like my product.

Would you be paying after or before the build?

I’d be paying 40k initially for some started work, and extra 40k in blocks depending how far the work goes.

Doing this isn’t really a problem for me.

Ah ok, I probably wont then lol, to much pressure >.<

Also, offtopic as well but It’s nice to hear a project from the famous creator of “ROBLOX Chair Racing” is being made!

I have created Productive Industries with some friends! This extension is going to be a large project addition to that game, if you ever wish to check it out.

would there be anyway to start on the work w/o being paid at first? (I know it sounds kinda silly but I don’t want pay if I do not meet your standards)

Totally fine with me. I’ve had mostly volunteers for my projects anyways.

Awesome! Do you want some proof of my building quality?

You can do that privately if you wish. Try adding Cat#6491 on discord.

let him pay after, its how ive done it, its how we all do it, just make sure to get payed before sending him the final product uknow

Well the reason I have successful projects is because I am a reliable commissioner. I would never lie about paying. :confused:

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