Looking to form small team for new horror game

Hey there, fellow developers!

I am looking to form a small team which can brainstorm, plan, create, and deploy a horror game by Halloween. Currently, the members who I originally accepted in TeamNetwork Studios have become rather inactive. With spring break coming up for me, I am looking to refresh the team, and see if we can get a new functional demo out so we can show our fans that we are actively working toward releasing the game.

[size=4]What are we looking to make?[/size]
We are looking to remake a game called Dread (Originally by DataBrain). Due to things occuring in his life, he has passed the project over to me, giving me complete control over what happens to the game overall. I am looking for people who can help me rebuild the story, plan out the game, and create a new and unique horror game exclusively on ROBLOX.com. If you are interested, you can find the current story I have made here.

[size=5]What I am looking for.[/size]
I am looking for a specific set of users who can meet my role requirements. The roles are listed below -
[li]Project Planner - Is able to draw up plans/documentation which we developers will use to create the game/project. User will create plans alongside with me, providing advise and suggestions along the way.[/li]
[li]World Builder - Able to build massive worlds, and work within the limitations of the average computer. Builder must keep in mind that our game will be taking advantage of Universes.[/li]
[li]World Programmer - Able to program interactions with the world, and create/use functions with complex math requirements. Must keep in mind that our game will be taking advantage of Universes.[/li]
[li]Logic Programmer - Able to program background tasks, and organize code within a structured manner. Must keep in mind that our game will be taking advantage of Universes.[/li]
[li]Assets Designer - Able to create game assets such as images, sounds, possibly models. [/li]

If you would like to talk about this further, please feel free to add me on Skype - nwlcreations
(In regards to organization, everyone will be required to have a Trello account at mininal. Additional requirements may be stated later on)

[NOTE] As a new Project Manager, I understand I am unexperienced and may be taking things at the completely wrong angle. If you developers have any advice in regards to how I am setting up this team, feel free to post below or send me a private message.

What experience do you have as a project manager? Will there be compensation? Can you give us an estimate of how long you expect the project to take?

I noticed you didn’t really talk about the game’s mechanics. There’s not much of a game without mechanics so it would be nice to know about those.

Mainly because I don’t know what exactly I need to complete the game, and the mechanics, thus why I am asking for someone who is great at planning such things. If I can have someone which I can discuss such things with, and help me organize my ideas, I would gladly add such details. Other than that, best thing I got is that story for now.

As for payment, I am looking to keep around 10% of the profits, which will be used to create and develop more games. As for the rest, that will be divided across the team as evenly as possible. All profits will be held in the group, so we can work from there.

Lastly, I am looking to have the game in a finished form by 10/31/2015 (This year’s Halloween). I believe launching the horror game around this time would be optimal, since users will be more geared toward the excitement of Halloween.

I have quite a bit of experience with horror games, and I may be able to help, but I would like to know more about the style of the gameplay (even if you don’t know the actual mechanics). Will it be a bit of exploration and puzzle solving? Stealth-style survival? Or is it going to be like the previous game (similar to what outlast did) where you find an object and carry it back to where you came from through a maze?

Also if you’d like some proof of my work with horror games I can link you to some.

Don’t have a link but I think you’ve heard of Distilled. I did a lot of work on that

My Finalist GCC Entry (Buggy) Has some major glitches and bad story but…

A work in progress horror (Code: turnaroundbruh). Box is auto selected – Warning I suck at building but I built everything there as well as scripted so… yeah

A VERY OLD horror I made (Before custom sounds)

I am actually wanting to implement a little bit of all of the above. Exploration, puzzle solving, stealth survival, and object find and carry. I believe all of these attributes will lead to a successful horror game if well designed. In reality though, that’s as far as I can go with mechanics. Although this may not seem encouraging, it is because I haven’t had time to talk this out with someone. As soon as I can sit down and have a chat with someone who knows what they are doing, everything will begin to roll out as expected.

Just bumping this up there in case there is anyone else who is interested…

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