Looking to hire a gamepass icon designer for single gamepass

Hello! I was interested in hiring some one that makes gamepass icons, for a single gamepass. It’s a very simple currency doubler gamepass, and the theme of the game is robotic/sci-fi.


Negotiable. Maybe 1.5k-2k Robux?


If interested, please contact me on Discord, my tag is: Simply_Dev2#9178 Please have a decent number of gamepass examples you’ve done previously available!


May you show me some example of what type of thing you want.

I’ve updated the thread with more details regarding it. Other than that, I don’t think I have any examples

Added on discord, will send portfolio and examples there.

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Still in need of a designer. If the price seems low to you, I’m open for negotiation!

I’ve sent you a friend request to your Discord! I’m Qwootly#8185, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Send me a request at Damn#7478

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XD this seems like a ton of payment just for a gamepass icon. I would charge lower for this gamepass icon but I don’t have much experience with 2D art :expressionless:

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I have more examples, contact me for more, I will update
You discord is wrong.

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Heya I’m intrested add me on discord A1.2trappy#4996

I am interested; Araknala#0061.

Anyone know what is a good free tool to use to make 2D art?

This is a free-to-use software for making vector art.

I mainly find interest in rendering over 2D art, sorry. :wink:


btw it’s getpaint.net

This website looks sorta sketchy tbh

No, it’s free.
But when you download it from Microsoft store it cost money.

Why would it cost money for microsoft store but not the actual website?

Oops; I meant the name of the application was “paint . net”, not the link, I will edit that, thanks.

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Don’t know why.

pixlr.com doesn’t require download and it’s free, although it may be limited compared to getpaint.net. I don’t know, I haven’t used it. It seems to be able to do everything I need it to, although I’m not officially a GUI Designer, but I sometimes do small things like making funny shirts for my group.

I do use Pixlr E for editing logos but I haven’t been able to make nice looking cartoony logos/thumbnails.