Looking to hire an animator to make a single animation


Hey! So I’ve been looking into hiring an R15 rig animation maker to create a single bowling animation, that’s fairly realistic, and I can provide you a video of this guy bowling in which I would like the overall style to be similar to. Would pay in Robux for this, whatever you think would be fair.

If interested, you could add me on Discord. My tag is Simply_Dev#1328



I recommend you add a range of payment (such as R$10,000-R$20,000) in your post, it’ll interest & catch the attention of more developers.


I’m interested with this.


Yes, I agree but there is problem with that… If the person hiring included how much he/she is willing to pay, more people with apply, yes, but then they would just apply for the robux and not general assistance.

Anyway that’s my POV!

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