Looking to make someone a GFX for their game for free[closed rn]

I purchased a new renderer and want to test it out so I’m looking for a game to make a GFX for. Preferably a group game such as a airline game, cafe, or something like a simulator. (Basically anything with this kind of low poly / simple style.)

I want to learn how to do this kind of style thats why. THIS IS NOT MINE.

This is some of my past work but I have improved since then.

If you’re interested my reply to this or add my discord is KAGE#8115.

Still open!!! ^.^

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I am currently interested in you doing a free logo!
Can you contact me on discord? My ign is: Aim99#0063

If not, I am sure we can find another way.

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Closed for now got a few peeps

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