Loop cut not cutting correctly

When I try to create a loop cut on this cone, it does not create a loop cut around the entire shape. It only creates a vertex.

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I’ve encountered this problem a few times and there isn’t really a good way to fix it besides using the bisect tool.

this happens because the face you’re trying to cut only has 3 sides and loop cuts will only go through faces with 4 sides it’s kind of annoying and a weird thing where the loop cut doesn’t want to bend or change the model. its pretty annoying that this happens but it is usally good to keep all your faces sqaure for good topology of course you can do this on a cone

here is how to use the bisect tool


Well, If I were you, I would do ctrl-r for loop buts instead of manually because its easier that way!

I can’t do a normal loop cut in my case because it doesn’t actually create one around the object.

Maybe just make a cone shape

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