Looping through group ranks to get names

Hi all, my question, in essence, is how do I get a group rank and then loop through it? I’m trying to make a ‘Meet the team’ board for my staff team and instead of me having to manually update it I want it to loop through a certain rank in my group and get all their names and profile pics.

I know how to do the pictures on their own, just not in this kind of way and same with names.


What name are you trying to get? A player’s name or the role?

I don’t know what your objective is, but player:GetRankInGroup(ID) and player:GetRoleInGroup(ID) return the rank number and rank name respectively.

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I’m trying to get their name and their picture but it’s for a board which is why I need to loop through the ranks

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You would need to send a GET request to the roblox groups web api /v1/groups/{groupId}/roles/{roleSetId}/users endpoint to do that.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I really need this, as so many others do. You might need to move this to feature request if nobody has a solution

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If you want the player’s picture, refer to this post: New image endpoints that can be used in-game!

As for getting if a player is in a group and is in a specific role/rank, you can use the GetGroupsAsync function of GroupService. This returns a table which contains: