Loot Crates or Direct Purchase?

Hello Everyone!

I’m aware that there is a similar post to this, and before you mention why I made this since it’s very similar to that post, is because I want to find out which is best for this type of game. Called Warfront!

Which do you think would be best?

  • Loot Crate
  • Direct Purchase

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(Not in general, but specifically for this game)

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Personally, I choose loot crates. However: BEWARE! You mustn’t sell the loot crates for R$, since this might be a violation of the Roblox TOS (gambling).

I have a Combination of both. I have some crate systems and i have a direct Purchase system where i put the best thing my game can offer for robuxs that can match the best things in the crate.

With lootcrates you have to be very careful that you meet with Roblox’s ToS, due to gambling. If you were to add crates, have a sort of in-game currency that you can purchase them with, but you may also buy the currency for Robux. I personally prefer lootcrates, as there is a more engaging aspect of suprise, and you can receive multiple items from a crate, so people will continue buying them.

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I think having both would be great. However, if I had to go with one, I would say loot crates cause it seems more fun and will encourage people to buy the crates again if they didn’t get the item they want, and as such you make more money(don’t let this be the only reason you want to create a game tho).
However, as the people above have mentioned, you should be careful as it could violate Roblox’s Terms of Service.
Good luck with your game!

Loot crates, Loot crates, Loot crates.

Loot crates from experience are 5x better then direct purchase and in every game ive worked on with them included, they have been the main source of income.

However direct purchases have a function to :stuck_out_tongue:
Use your direct purchases to up value the ‘worth’ of some of the contents in the loot crate giving a further incentive for players to buy them, to be blatant, kids just love to gamble.


1% Legendary, 19% Epic, 30% rare, 50% common - Price 50R$/roll
if you then sell the legendary on its own for say, 5000 - 6000R$ players will be incentivised to by a lot of the cheaper option hoping that the could save their money.

To everyone talking about the TOS - firstly this isn’t a thread about the TOS and it really annoys me that everyone brings this up on any threads about loot crates.

Secondly the only restriction is if the crate is robux / costs something only obtained by robux then you have to accurately disclose the chances of rolling each item.


In my opinion, knowing what I am buying makes it feel like not a waste if I get a duplicate of an item and I have the ability to buy something I didn’t previously have.

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Loot Crates make more of an achievement feeling than just purchasing it, so I choose loot crate.

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I personally disagree with most of the people here. I think direct purchases are better. I want to know that I’m getting exactly what I’m spending my money on.

Don’t get me wrong, loot crates is probably going to get you much more money in the long run, since people are going to constantly want to get a spin and earn something. If you put in a really rare item, people are mostly going to aim for that item, and they’ll buy a lot just to get it.

The thing is, I feel like people can also get really disappointed and tired of loot crates when they’re regularly not getting the thing that they want. If you’re going to add them, I say be a little different from other games and don’t make the chances astoundingly low.

I also think you should make them an option, and not a priority to enjoy the game. I’m not pointing out names, but some games in Roblox have a progression that’s directly tied to loot crates. Whether it’s earning cosmetics, or leveling up, or whatever, I dislike that you have to buy these loot crates at one point just to feel like you’re getting the full content of the game.

I dislike the duplicate systems that many games have adopted as well. For me (and this experience may be completely different for others), it doesn’t feel rewarding to get the same thing multiple times. Instead, it makes me feel like I wasted my money on nothing.

You could absolutely do a combination of both, but I personally favor direct purchase more. Loot crates can probably get you more money because of its repetitiveness, but I say to be careful in the way you implement them.


I definitely agree, though there are some who disagree. The votes are very close, so it’s hard to decide. I am slightly leaning to direct purchasing though, because for this game I just think it would be more time consuming and complex to implement, in comparison to direct purchasing.

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I consider loot crates to be gambling and although I’ve used them in the past I don’t consider them to be a very ethical solution. Loot crates are also a bit overused on roblox and we’ve seen the success of games like fortnite that completely threw out this outdated source of revenue.

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