Lootbox ban in specific countries

Loot boxes are banned in some countries (e.g. Belgium and the Netherlands). This means that there’s a chance for your game to be blocked from playing in these countries if it contains any form of gambling with bought currency. How do developers deal with this?

One interesting example I noticed was Hexaria. The usual way to get cards is to buy random packs for gold that you get for killing enemies, but if your country doesn’t allow lootboxes, these packs aren’t purchaseable and instead drop from enemies.

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Won’t that be unfair? Some could change VPN simply to get those packs while others can only buy them.

If let’s say loot drops for everyone to make it fair, then in-game currency is useless for some countries where loot boxes are banned.

I don’t know how far this loot box ban goes: is it banned even if in-game currency can be earned in-game?

I’m not sure about the details of how it works, but this is a valid concern if it’s not managed properly.

I think some counties ban all lootboxes, and some only ban those which can be bought with real money.