Lootbox Chances- Is this allowed?

I want to implement a lootbox/gacha system into my game and I’m looking for some clarification.

First off, I understand that it’s required for the item drop rates to be visible. (Scenario 1)

However, would I be allowed to have a second menu revealing the rates? (Scenario 2)

Clicking on the button would open a menu showing the odds.

Finally, do the rates have to be explicitly shown, or can they be explained in text? I want to add a pity system with special odds for guaranteed drops. (Scenario 3) The drop rates button would open up a different menu like so.

Is scenario 1 allowed?
  • Yes
  • No

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Is scenario 2 allowed?
  • Yes
  • No

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Is scenario 3 allowed?
  • Yes
  • No

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The Community Standards have this to say on lootboxes:

So, I think the only requirement is to show the random amount either on the same menu as the purchase button, or less than a few clicks away. Just put it on the purchase menu for good measure.

It seems like you are deliberately trying to “obfuscate” the chances to players, i.e. make it more difficult for them to understand what their odds are by hiding it away in a wall of text that is unnecessarily verbose. Why is it


… that, and not something like:

After 80 rats, you’re chances of getting the cool dragon will increase by 5%, and will reset when you finally obtain one.

Also, how will “rat” always be 99.99% if the chances of “cool dragon” continually increase? That doesn’t make any sense.

Honestly, if you hide away the chances in a separate menu behind a paragraph-long explanation on the odds, then you’ll come of a little scummy.

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Hi, thank you for your input.

As I mentioned, I want to make a pity system in my game to guarantee a good item after a certain point. The problem is that it has to be explained, as it has quite a few special rules in place (as previously mentioned.)

What if I had a mix of Scenarios 2 and 3, having the menu show both the basic odds and the pity rules, kinda like this?