Lorem Ipsum Inserter Plugin!

Lorem Inpum Inserter Plugin!

This plugin allows you to put a template text to any gui element with Text!
You can also add custom text, but you have the Lorem Ipsum as default.
You can change the length of the text you want to insert!
The plugin’s gui is on a widget, you can drag and drop it anywhere on your screen!
Fits in with the dark theme of the studio(I’m on making the light theme too!).
Good for UI/UX designers!
Feel free to share your ideas!
Now, some screenshots!




Very easy to use, and its FREE!

Try it out right NOW: link to the plugin


This Should Be Moved To #resources:community-resources
And Thank You For This Wonderful Plugin :+1:

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Thanks for saying that! Topic is moved!

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Nice plugin but just want to ask why does it print “pls” everytime you change its length? Oh and i also found a bug that when you open the plugin it will say that you can insert it without selecting anything and the custom length is sort of broken

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Sorry, just a debug print. Fixed that! And I Don’t know why it says you can insert when you don’t select anything. Maybe fix that tomorrow!

What do you mean, custom length broken?

Oh nevermind i thought the custom length was broken my bad but can you fix the bug when you open the plugin it will say that you can insert it without selecting anything But other than that good plugin probably will use it sometimes
Edit: Also found a bug that the length feature only apply once

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I will try to fix the ‘Can insert’ bug when I have time for it. Have a good day!

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If you want to change the length again, then you need to insert the text again to see changes!

I mean that when you set a length like 6 and then insert a text and after you change it it will insert the entire text

Strange… Well, then I will fix that too, when I have the time for it! Again, have a good day! ^^

Okay, so. The ‘Can insert’ bug is fixed! Now, the plugin has a button, to open the window (Don’t open multiple windows please!). And the length seems working pretty well!

Here is a picture from the open button:

That’s it. Bye!