Los Thurians is hiring a secondary scripter! (CLOSED)



Our game is expected to release an Alpha build in early April. In order we meet this deadline, I’m currently looking for a secondary scripter to do some light scripting. We only have one scripter right now that is working to complete the game for the set deadline.

Current funds stand at R$55,000 for advertising at the release of the game, more is comfortably anticipated to be around 60k Robux before April; this does not include investors that would see this reach around 80k Robux.

The game: Dev Server - Roblox
As I said, our game is just beginning to be scripted and most things do not work but you could get a rough concept on what it’ll be when completed.

The Job

You will need to script a daily reward system, custom chat tags (from game pass ownership, badges, etc), and a soundtrack playlist. I understand for some experienced scripters, this is only a few hours of work. As a result, payment would be 10% of our game’s revenue. We might ask for more help but it would be minor.

Contact Discord: Authurian#1239

Few screenshots that you can't see in-game because of development

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I am interested. My discord is @incapaz#1952 and i have sent a request. Also by the way 10% seems way too little. This might sound biased because I script, but scripter should earn at least around 40% if your team isn’t that big. The scripters are the ones that make games work

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