Losing connection to Team Create causes flickering dialog box or crash after reconnecting

When I click on the Reconnect button in the dialog box that appears when I lose connection during Team Create, Studio will often crash after reconnecting and the output window will contain QT errors.



This happens consistently for me, but the first time I attempted to reproduce it, it took two tries.

I am using Windows 10, two people I had repro this were using Windows 10.
I had one friend try this on Windows 8.1 and this did not happen.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a Team Create session
  2. Via Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections, disconnect your Internet
  3. Wait for Studio to disconnect and show the above dialog boxes
  4. Reconnect your internet
  5. Click OK on the disconnect dialog box (first one) in Studio
    • Sometimes Studio will close to desktop and display a rapidly flickering persistent dialog box
  6. Click Reconnect in the reconnect dialog box (second one) in Studio
  7. Studio will reconnect to the game and sometimes crash immediately afterwards, the output widget will contain QT errors

For some users occasionally instead of showing the two dialog boxes, Studio will completely close to desktop after clicking OK on the first Disconnect box in the above screenshot, and show a rapidly flickering / reopening dialog box that doesn’t go away. This does not happen to me.

I don’t know when it started happening, but there was a related bug report in Post Approval 12 days ago.


I can definitely confirm, this was happening to me yesterday and I ended up restarting my computer to get rid of the problem. I tried using task manager to close it, however because the process repetitively started up and closed extremely fast, it was virtually impossible to do so.


I have to deal with this issue every morning using task manager to shutdown the flashing windows.

Today - it sounded like an alarm was going off in my room because windows spams the popup sound ~5 times a second with this bug. It’s now crashing my PC, everything running 5fps, and a restart is the only way to fix this.

Edit: The windows are flickering so fast that they appear to not flicker in this video. But in reality - those popups are flashing

This should be elevated to critical


Hey, we are aware! Filed internally and we will keep you informed. Don’t be afraid to bump/ping me if I don’t update this.


The flickering popups were draining my PC to nearly 1 FPS (on a good processor) and when trying to kill it in task manager, the tasks kept jumping and I’d kill the wrong tasks by misclick!

Usually you can use task manager to kill these tasks but today it was worse and required a restart. I shouldn’t have to restart my PC in the morning due to studio - which is why I bumped this as critical.

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You’re right, it just happened to me again, had to restart.

Happens to me as well, I even lost progress on one of my maps when this happened as I forgot to save when I put my computer onto sleep mode.

Hello Everyone:
We have identified the issue and submitted a fix for this. I will notify this thread when the fix is turned on. Thank you all for your patience with this issue in the meantime.


Any update? its been 9 days since, no rush though. I just had this issue again today.

I’m sorry to hear that. A fix for this issue has been pushed to production, and we should be turning the fix on in a matter of days. I will alert this thread when this happens.

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Hey Everyone,
The fix for this issue is live. Thanks for your patience, and please comment in this thread if you continue to run into this issue.


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