Losing drafts by turning off team create

Today I turned off team create in a place I had enabled it on so someone could help me fix a context specific bug only to find that with doing so having been given no notification / warning I lost access to all my drafts I had been working on for the past day, losing ~6 hours of work.

To replicate:

Make a place and turn on team create, make some drafts in a script and then disable team create using the team create menu.

You should now have lost your edits.

Im not necessarily asking for this to be fixed since I feel the fixed behaviour could perhaps be stranger then the current behaviour with access to drafts in a non team create session, however I feel we strongly need some sort of popup / tick box warning if we have uncommitted drafts warning us that our action will remove our access to our edits.


You should be able to recover your drafts by re-enabling Team Create.

Although you shouldn’t have lost any work, the perception of data loss is still a valid concern. We will look into adding some messaging around the consequences of disabling Team Create. Thanks for the report!