Lospec Insertinator - Insert palettes from Lospec.com with ease

Lospec were not involved in the creation of this plugin, i merley used their publicly available API to speed up the process of importing palettes.

Logo made with the Zughy 32 Palette

Lospec Insertinator is a plugin that allows you to insert Palettes from Lospec as a group of baseparts. Simply typing in the Slug (ID of the palette in Lospec words) and you’ll get a tower of multiple baseparts colored after that palette.

This plugin can be obtained here Lospec Insertinator - Roblox, and it’s source is available on Github under the WTFPL license.


there is only the .rbxmx file when you mentioned “it’s source is available on Github”

I have never heard of Lospec but I like this one (helps me get color pallete)

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Yeah that’s intentional, it’s pretty much how i developed the plugin, so not sure what else i can provide

The purpose of GitHub is to upload raw code files for browsing and contributions. In your case, it would be uploading the raw .lua files. You can publish your .rbxmx to GitHub Releases.

Here’s one of my old plugins on GitHub for reference (with Releases):


Would it not be more efficient of providing the Hex or RGB instead of parts?

I mean you would need to manually select the part and copy the Color3 each time you want to color another part or UI.

Insert Palette > Create New Part > Select Palette Part > Copy > Select New Part > Paste

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have the colors in the plugin for easier access?

Get Palette > Create New Part > Copy > Paste

This is mostly a personal tool that i’m freely releasing for anyone to use or build upon (Which is primairly why i uploaded it under WTFPL), and while those features would be nice, i’m generally comfortable with the workflow of it which is to just insert palettes as baseparts and copying the color (or the name) then manually putting it in whatever i wish. It’s generally just a personal tool i’m offering for anyone to take and do anything with

Alright i’ll try to do that in a bit, thanks

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