Lost Spirits Development Updates

Lost Spirits is an upcoming dark MMORPG game inspired by Arcane Odyssey and World of Magic.

Lost Spirits is VERY early on in development and I don’t guarantee a full release. If it doesn’t get a full release, I will probably publish a demo of everything done so far. Leave feedback on how to improve what is done in the comments.

Demo which will be updated when new stuff is done: Lost Spirits - Roblox

Days (as seen below) are only counted as days of working on the game. For example, if on one day I’m really busy and don’t get to working on the game, that won’t be counted as one day below.

Day 1

Created the title screen, a title screen animation, and an effect when the player clicks.

beginning (above)

ending (above, a few seconds after you click “Play” the play button fades out and the logo turns red before fading away)

Day 2

Made the File Selection menu and File Selection menu animation, disabled CoreGUI, and drafted up some ideas for magic abilities.

Days 3-9 (Plan)

Character creation menu UI + functionality

Days 10 - 15 (Plan)

File Selection Menu functionality


Game sounds great and all, looks great? I can’t see any pictures? I can’t play the game right now so it would be nice if you could include any for any progress you have made, however small it is.

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Yeah, sorry about that. Just added some.

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Excellent! Looking great already.

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Thank you! (character limit character limit)

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Day 2 work is over. There’s a bit of time, so I might start Day 3 work. I’m very excited to make this game, especially the combat system. The combat system will involve magic. There will be 5 unique magic types: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. Each magic will have its own unique spells, but they will all also share 2 spells: an explosion spell and a blast spell. There will be a ‘Magic Pulse’ bar that is the amount of active magic of your element in circulation near you. Elements activate and deactivate quickly, so, the bar will go up and down, like a heart beat, and go higher in areas with more of your element. The higher it is when you attack, the better your spells will be. Each magic’s pulse is special. Fire pulse will be erratic in higher amounts of energy, water pulse will activate fully quickly and deactivate fully slower, like a wave, earth pulse will be steady and have a constant slow speed, air pulse will be steady and have a constant fast speed, and light pulse will be nearly constant, but usually stay around half bar instead of going full. It would only go higher than half bar in areas with a lot of light. Feedback on this system?

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Eh Light is majorly nerfed but i guess you have a reason for doing that, I hope. Fire seems it’s going to be the one to go for, it seems to have no bad sides in your system. Water seems like a double edged knife. Personally I wouldn’t go for it. You didn’t mention earth but I assume it’s cause you haven’t thought if anything yet.

Personally I like the bit about part of your element around meaning a higher magic pulse but i dont like the each type of magic pulse is different. It’s like complicated in a way it’s not fun and creates easy go to’s and easy avoids.

Ofc you can do what you like and thus may be your way of nerfing stronger magics but if it is I would suggest you find different nerf methods… Personally

Thanks for the feedback. About not mentioning earth, I just forgot to lol. Earth would be the default one, normal speed.

I can see what you mean. I’ll probably redesign the system some time in the future, and I will try to solve the problems mentioned.

Alright good luck though, the game is looking nice and the game idea seems interesting also hence why I followed the link to this thread.

Thank you!

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