Lots of users on low performance devices joining with permanent black screen, UI visible

Lots of our users on our game are reporting getting black screens on joining that do not go away with time, or resetting. We’ve investigated and tested on all devices we could get our hands on and haven’t experienced the issue. The issue has been happening for around a month now, getting increased rates of reports due to a rise in player count.

Talking to users we’ve only had one solid report of the issue happening on an iPad Air 2g. (The rest kept saying they were on an iPadOS, which is hilarious) iPad Air 2g is one of the devices we sometimes have on our ‘Filtered Devices’ list.

Expected behavior

I would expect the client to crash if they were unable to render the game’s viewport on their device.


Similar issue happens on Doors for me. On PC, gray screen with “Joining server…”

What I think the issue is? There is simply too much objects to load, and somehow ROBLOX’s new update delays the actual window opening of the launcher until the game itself loads, which causes this bug. I would rather watch the window launch and the server finding process take place, than have my game hang because of an intentional delay.


Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate.


Any updates on this? It’s still heavily affecting my players.

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I have gotten a report on a black screen after loading for my game Grapplesphere from a user playing on an iPad 5th generation + various other complaints from unhappy users on my group wall. Is there an ETA for this fix ?

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Still getting large amounts of complaints over this. I finally got a video from someone experiencing it. It seems that when a GUI object appears on screen it becomes a sort of mask to the game’s actual viewport.

Video: https://twitter.com/MrNobod51328294/status/1715095869345632347