Low cost method for determining hinge angle not working

Hello, I’m trying to make a door that stops rotation if it reaches a certain angle using Attachments and a HingeConstraint but so far all my strategies are failing. Ideally I want to simulate the “latching” of the door while allowing a slightly elastic restitution when slammed open.


More specifically I’m having issues finding a low cost method for determining the state of the CurrentAngle of the HingeConstraint. I also want to check the current angle for other fun things (like a creaking noise).

I’ve attempted:

  • results: failure, no response from OnMoving function

I’ve also attempted

hinge.Parent:GetPropertyChangedSignal("Orientation"):Connect(OnMoving) -- the parent part
  • results: also failure

I’ve read here about hitchhiking on the heartbeat to evaluate the angle but it just seems a little too costly. If you have any suggestions for a different approach, whether it’s adding springs or different code, they would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the help.


I have an idea, maybe I can use a touch connect to set the restitution. Will try later…

There was a strategy where you have to use springs on the door, but that’s for automatic closing doors. Maybe it might help if you tried something using the spring constraints?

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