Low CTR on a decent looking advert. How could I improve it?

I commissioned a lovely person to make some game-art for me, which included a skyscraper ad.

I feel like it looks pretty good, appealing and at the same time you kind of know what to expect after clicking it. But the stats show some pretty bad results:


The ad has been running for 12 hours, and I put 300 robux a few days ago which got me 100 clicks from 300 Impressions (0.4% CTR, still very low)

And I am clueless on what it could’ve been done wrong. Maybe the idea of the game from the name is not good enough? Any tips?

Also, I don’t have that much robux to spend so investing something 500+ robux, is not quite possible for me.

The game: 🔬Scientist Tycoon🔭 - Roblox

Too much clutter on the ad. The name needs to be bolder and more hooking. Just having some science stuff (what the kids would probably call “nerd stuff”) around the name really dulls the image. I would also say it is quite dark and doesn’t pop out of the website design.

edit: i added words to fix my sentence

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I’d definitely increase the overall ‘pop’ of the ad, higher contrast, brighter colors. There’s a lot of negative space going on at the top of the ad. I’d put more focus on the avatars in the image and perhaps reposition them or remove the smaller one entirely, and I’d make the logo a bigger focus as well. It’s small and easily missed as it is, so I’d perhaps forego the sciencey items altogether and focus on a stronger, sleeker design for the logo. Have a version you use in full, which could be this one (though I admittedly think the pale font on a white cloud with science clipart is a bit dull as it is), and then a simplified logo that is harder to miss for ads and thumbnails.

You mean for the logo? Yeah, it is not the most appealing one as I made it myself. So should I remove it entirely? (I can’t afford atm to commision someone to make a new logo)

The dark comment is about the logo or the overall image?

So higher contrast + brighter colors, noted.

How should the focus on the avatars go? That white effect around them that is usually used on roblox art or how exactly?

Hmm, as I mentioned above, the logo is made by myself so is not the best. Also, I am not sure why the text got like that when resizing the logo. Should I remove the clipard and add a text in a cloud and then stylize the text a bit?

Or, if I tell the artist to change the text at the top with the logo, would it be better? (while keeping the smaller avatar + more focus on them, brighter colors, adding contrast)