Low end PC users' client scripts not loading in time and breaking

For insight, I am the scripter in a 3 developer team, who recently launched a game. We have a small playerbase, and are actively fixing found issues.

A recently found issue is that players with low end PC’s (Game is computer only), tend to not load in correctly. The way a player loads in, is that when all players have loaded in, a script will morph them into assigned characters, before spawning them in.

The loading process relies heavily on client to server connections, and the loading introduction gives more than 30 seconds to load in the scripts.

A player with a low-end PC played with another one of the developers a few minutes ago, and the player with the low-end PC’s client scripts did not fully load in when he loaded in, which caused him to be put into the game as his regular avatar instead of the morphed character. The player had to reset once the client scripts finished fully loading, but even then the respawn script was not done loading, so he was trapped inside the respawn box.

The unfortunate user was playing on a MacBook pro with a 2.6GHz 6-core Intel Core. The client memory usage is about 1500 MB.

Is there any way I can make the client scripts load in faster on low-end computers?


there could be a possibility that your scripts are running before the player/character is fully loaded in. If thats the case then it could be solved by yielding the script until the player/character is fully loaded.

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