Low-Farm (Assets) By @4NDREE5

Hello! I’m 4NDREE5, I’m a low poly developer with 2 years of experience in Roblox Studio

Create a Low Poly Farm asset, to serve as a resource for multiple developers :b

Package Images

Farm Assets:

  • Low Poly Trees
  • Low Poly Animals (The Pets have each part of the body named and the pet “Chicken” has animations + Rig)
  • A Mill + Farm Low Poly (The mill is movable, the top of the mill can rotate)
  • Corn Low Poly

(Assets are organized in folders)

Farm assets link: Low-Farm (Assets) - Roblox

Contact me for commissions:

Roblox: @4NDREE5
Dis: 4NDREE5#2818


If I am correct, is that the sheep from the roblox experience islands?

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Yes, something similar, I like low poly details so I found this sheep from the Island game and made it, but it has little different details than the original sheep