Low poly Air Balloon

I’m MuxToon

Today, I’ve created a Low Poly Air Balloon for my portfolio.
Please notify me if there’s something that needs to be improved.

Thanks, much appreciated!


Mabye shade smooth as well as put on Auto Smooth for the balloon part.

Nice work! Did you use blender?

It looks like some faces on the balloon are shaded flat. To fix this, go into Edit Mode and select the Face select tool to choose the faces you wish to shade smooth, then go to Mesh > Shading > Smooth Faces. If you wish to shade faces flat, the same information can be applied as well (Mesh > Shading > Flat Faces).

If you make the entire mesh smooth shaded and wish to only make certain faces flat, you can use the Edge Split modifier. Go into Edit Mode, select the Edge select tool and choose the edges you want to Mark Sharp (Shift + Right Click to select multiple edges at a time, and Ctrl + Right Click to Pick Shortest Path).

Once you have done that, the edges you marked sharp will be taken into account when using the Edge Split modifier.

Note: you may need to turn up the Split Angle in order to see these changes.

Hope this helped! Good job on the mesh. :smile: