Low poly Architecture towers, any improvements needed?

I’ve just started building my first two Architecture style buildings with a low poly fashion added to the two towers. Is there anything that needs improvements or just lacks the development of these two towers?


Architecture is somewhat of an art, it looks like your taking an approach that reflects many of the great buildings in new york and cities alike.

Since your designs are low-poly, level of detail is relative.
Some important areas however are the base levels, window pattern, and penthouse.

Base Levels
The base floors should have a slightly different structure than the rest of the building. These differences may include a sign or title for said building, amongst notable entrance doors. These floors are often made taller. Reference pic: image

Window Pattern
Your window pattern looks fairly well done and consistent. I like both buildings, however in a real world aspect I’m not sure the building on the right would be popular due to its lack of windows. You could experiment with windows facing one direction of the building while keeping the original design to the building on the right.

Penthouse/ Topping
Focus more on this part, the rising pipes make the building more industrial which goes unnoticed in city settings. However, from a standpoint focusing on architecture, the top-off of the building usually has more direction or a significant penthouse. Two common methods of topping the building, include rounding the top or creating turrets on all edges.

Anyway, fantastic job! Best of luck with your creations!


Yea it’s good but, you just need a little more detail like you know how other buildings have ledges and all that’s what you need.