Low Poly Blender Tree

Hi builders! The past few months I’ve been creating stuff in Blender!
Today I made a tree. I would really appreciate if you guys could give me some feedback
on it. Just be aware that this is my first time making a tree with Blender.

Thanks, Colernix

![Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 6.03.30 PM|310x499](upload://73q



It is not looking bad, the colors are dull, try to make them brighter, and image
I see a space here, you might want to fix that.

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The tree looks nice but it would probably look even better if you made the trees Material to SmoothPlastic it might make it look cleaner.

I like it. It looks a little dark to me and I think it would look better if the green was a little brighter.

Edge split it so it doesn’t seem too smooth

Yeah I forgot to do that. I’ll keep that in mind!

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Ok! Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

In a simulator game I probably would have made the green brighter. But I was going for sort of a wintery vibe if that makes sense. That’s why the green is mint green.

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Yeah in Blender I should have put the leaves a bit closer together. I’ll keep that in mind.

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Oh, btw I just realized that the circled bit is supposed to be like that. It looks more natural.

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