Low poly build feedback- any lighting experts out here?

I’m very happy with the result of the mesh- however the lighting/colours on studio seems to do it no justice. To all the lighting experts out there how can this be improved? Currently incomplete but any feedback at all would be appreciated.



The picture has a quite low resolution and no anti-aliasing, seem like you don’t get to 9 graphic quality.

About the lighting, I need some more information about what lighting you want.


Also, the roof is quite weird but overall it still looks pretty good!

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to find a reference image lighting wise. And is Anti-aliasing possible on studio?

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Hmm, maybe it’s not issue with lighting, check the texture too, it looks a bit saturated, but on the other side that green hills(if they are hills), it looks ok!

Check Color correction effect in lighting, if not I would recommend checking the colors in texture, or if u used other texture maps as metallic, roughness, etc… so mesh doesn’t show up correctly.

Place a couple of parts in that place and copy the colors from the texture of the mesh to those parts and see if it has to do with lighting or texture.

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