Low-Poly Build in Studio!

Ok so, I tried to make a low-poly, small shop in studio. It turned out really bad, so I need some feedback on how to improve it! And also any tips you might have as well, thanks!


Ehh overall design is pretty good, though it was not executed correctly. I think you should either make the walls taller, or make the milkshake thing smaller. Also in my perspective on the first image, it doesn’t really look centered. The door to enter the building looks really odd too. The cartoony bricks are too thin, and the build in general looks a bit “stretched out”

Hope I helped, and hope you have a good day! Please keep me updated!
(also know these are words of advice, meant to help and not offend! :slight_smile:)
I know you can do better than this man!


Your shop certainly is in the low-poly style. It could fit into a small town, however I feel like the length of the door could be moved to have a single door instead of it being thin as it’ll be quite hard to enter the building. Try not to make the door handle thin, maybe change it to something like a lever or a door pull handle instead of having its very thin.

Don’t make the entire building one color you could possibly experiment into adding more vibrant colors like for example the door frame could have a grey-ish color so it doesn’t blend in with the baseboard if I’m not mistaken.

I would suggest adding some detail to the (roof) such as vents, or something that looks good to you so the roof doesn’t have a plain look I think that will add a nice touch to your shop. Overall it’s a good build it just needs some small improvements and I’ll look better.


I think it’s pretty good, you could improve it with windows though.

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I have windows? Can you tell me what what you mean?

Sorry, I meant see-through windows.

The milkshake on top looks kinda big, but other than that, it’s really good!

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I like it but the walls, doors and windows seem too bland. and maybe try to make the door a little bigger, Overall it’s not a bad start at all.

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