Low Poly builder looking for commission!

About Me

Whats up developers, my name is Eli and I am a low poly builder looking for work! I’m a young developer from the United States, been on the platform for just over 5 years now, been developing since 2017. Offering services as a builder, obviously, thats why you clicked this, something you should know about me is that I refuse to sit on the side lines, if you happen to choose me (and I think that you should) I will do everything in my power to make your game as successful as it can possibly be. I’m willing to bend over backwards for you guys, with that being said I expect you to be ready to buckle down and stick to your game aswell, I’m not dealing with any of that indecisive stuff.


Bit of work I've done




I am in the Central time zone, I’m online anywhere from 2 - 5 hours per day, If I don’t reply right away be patient im a very busy person!


Prices are negotiable,

  • Short Term projects are expected to be paid up front

  • Long Term will have a down payment, Milestone payment or Percentages depending on the project


Contact me Via discord @ELIisacompleteweirdo#6823 or Msg me here on the dev forum!

If you’re still listening to my rambling then you better get dming! :upside_down_face: