Low-poly cartoony sword

Hey, all. Recently modelled a cartoony sword, and just want some creative feedback. I’ve been building all day, and my mind is just completely full.

I’m not too sure on the colours, so help would be greatly appreciated on that too. I plan to add extra detailing, but want to know what you all think first.



Looks good :slight_smile: I like the shape of the top and the beat up look, definitely comes off as a brittle stone sword kind of vibe. I would say you could probably work a bit on the handle, something super simple like lowering the subdivisions on the icosphere to 1 might make it match the super low poly feel a bit more.

I did a quick draft and this is what an icosphere with a bit less detail looks like, I personally really like how it looks with the rest of your sword style :slight_smile:

Cool work and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I love that! I think the cracks in my blade should be a bit wider. What did you use for the ‘wooden’ part?

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Nice model but I think you should make the blade sharp

Thanks for your feedback! What exactly do you mean by sharp? Is it too thick?

No I mean like the edges of the sword aren’t sharp so it’s not really a blade it’s more like a blunt object

Oh yeah! I see that now. I’ve intentionally made it look a bit blunter as it’s for a low-poly battle game, but maybe it could benefit with a sharper side. Thanks!

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Here’s a super basic guide to how I did the handle

As well for the blade chips, all I’m doing is selecting a vert, beveling it (ctrl+b) and pressing v (so it bevels from a single vert). Once I’ve created a bevel/crack, I sometimes select the face and resize it in a certain direction; so in this case, I selected the crack face and resized it up (s, z, pull mouse down). I will say though, I thought your blade cracks were cool/gave off a really cool stone sword vibe :slight_smile:

Happy modeling, please feel free to continue asking on here or dm me if you need any help

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how is that a sword though? you have minor modelling mistakes in the bladeScreen Shot 2021-09-27 at 4.09.15 PM
like that. the cuts are too big or dont look like notches/cuts, the blade is too broad and thick, the handle isn’t great. and yeah

Here’s the finished version. Like I said in the original post, it was nowhere near done


That’s sick! I’d suggest maybe some sharper edges on the blade itself, and maybe less faces on the handle, but I think it looks amazing nonetheless!

(Also seeing the finished version, that’s quite the step up! I think it actually looks perfect after seeing that!)

Keep up the good work!

it looks the same, too broad, curvy at the bottom, and too slopy

Looks great in hand! Good job with the chips too :slight_smile:

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