Low poly city help

Im trying to build a low poly city on my game, do you guys have any tips on creating buildings, roads, nature stuff, etc.

If I am building something large such as a city, I start with A VERY small baseplate like literally 50x50 studs.
Then I make something small that might be in a city like a small store. After you finish add a little more space on your baseplate. Eventually, you will have a city if you put the work in. Trust me, starting with a big baseplate is the key to failure.
Another tip:
Roads are really difficult to build so I would probably find a road plugin to help you.

@Lava_shield That is not true, I’ve used the starter baseplate and I’ve been successful with my building process. The key to having to scale buildings is placing a model of a player or the default r6 zombie from the toolbox, that way you know how big the building is compared to the player. Building low poly doesn’t take much effort unless you’re restricted to using blender.

How do you feel about using models from the toolbox? Is it safe?

Also what do you mean by “ Building low poly doesn’t take much effort unless you’re restricted to using blender.”?

And last is, how do I even start? My thought was having just a layout with the roads and then doing the buildings last. Would that be smart?

What I suggest for building a city is molding the roads around the buildings, because if you already built the road system and you want a building bigger than the road system can hold, you’ll have to keep changing the roads. Models from the toolbox are safe if they are official, or if you deleted every script inside of them.

No, it is true because it never inconveniences you to do it my way, but it won’t help you every time either. By the way, people have different ways of starting builds and I was just giving a helpful tip on how I do it so it’s not wrong it just might not be the way you start making builds.