Low poly deagle

Feedback please.


Wow, this is interesting well made. It looks a tiny bit different from a modern deagle in the sense of extra details, still very well made and would use!


Ah yes, classic example of a popular game defining an art style.

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‘Low Poly Deagle’ is the title

This isn’t the same mesh, if you were implying he stole it!


Love the look of it! It looks clean and would work in a lot of games! Nice job!

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Looks awesome! :+1: Maybe clean up the sharp edges a little?

no, just gives me those, vibes.


Even tho it is low poly, try and add some bevels in some places such as the rails, the handle, and other parts. This gives it a mix of low poly as well as a tiny bit of medium poly which looks very well if done correctly.
Overall good job, not too bad.

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Add some textures and this might be a Fortnite quilty gun!

if you want to use it in your game, i hope you seperated the parts that needs to.
And it is amazing

Wow, that looks really cool! All you need to do now is add the iron sights and you’ve got yourself a real deagle. Great job!

Also, this is minor, but a small engraving on the side of the barrel that says “.50 AE” would be absolutley rad

Low-poly literally means to not be too detailed.

Overall it looks very good! If you are looking for criticism I might also say to add some attachments.

This is overall an 11/10, just add some textures and you’ll be all set!