Low Poly Design (Recreation)

I’ve recreated something from Google. A Low Poly Designs. I just recreated it, so it’s not an Original idea. So please don’t hate me for stealing Low Poly Designs. I only Used this because I’m trying to find Low Poly Designs that suits me.



I think it suits you kid. Art isn’t about how high quality your pieces are. Your low poly-designs would work perfectly for creators looking for non-laggy maps.

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Made another two :sweat_smile:


They look really nice. I suggest you make the orange color a bit brighter for the second building. The orange you are using is too red. The donut from the donut store isn’t placed right. Try moving it slightly to the left in order to center it.

Your work is really good, keep going!

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Good starts :+1: Start to create your own designs too. It’s good to start trying to replicate, but the best kind of builder is someone who is creative and can create things without any references! :smiley:

I’d try experimenting with lighting. Lighting is an underappreciated tool for really making low poly builds look beautiful. Getting the right settings can change a build from ok, to stunning, without having to actually do any building! :smiley: There’s numerous free examples of lighting settings, few examples here, courtesy of @HolidayPwner


I appreciate your efforts to go forward & proceed to using the style which you think better suits you! Good job on that!

Don’t really have much to say on improvement, however maybe try using textures on the windows? I forgot the name, but they look a lot like rain just implemented onto glass if you know what I mean.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing more of your Low Poly Designs!

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Looking great! I really love how you’re trying to find your own unique style! :happy1:
Somethings that can be modified are…

  • Adding environmental assets such as trees, plants, leaves, etc.
  • More props to make it not seem empty/plain as the current state.
  • Modifying twin colors so they blend in together without being too much.

This is one of the better low poly designs I’ve seen. Not much for improvement, and if there is, it has already been said. You have very good potential and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Thankyou so much for the information. I could really use this lighting.

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I’ve been working on this for 20 - 30 mins now. And I think it looks pretty okay so far.