Low Poly Gradient Asset Pack!

Heya! I’m Not_Nert, I’m currently a 3D Modeler for [Interbyte Studio] (Interbyte Studio - Roblox) And I wanted to release a textured/gradient Asset Pack! It’s completely free to use. All I ask for is credit somewhere either in-game or in the description! If requested enough, I’ll release a non-textured and smooth shaded variant. (textured and non-textured) Nert's Gradient Asset Pack - Roblox


These look wonderful! I sadly won’t be needing them but if I do, I will definitely use these.


These are so cute! I really love the tree and how it tilts not being just there like :woman_standing:. They’re all so amazing!

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Screenshot 2021-05-16 195809

Here is your attribution lol

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Hey! Nice assets. However, I feel like the lighting and shading is a little too bright for my eyes. Also, adjust the trees so that it’s not as fat as how it looks now. I’m not really up for the fat trees. Other than that, looks really nice.

That might just be the way the lighting is set up in-game but don’t quote me on that. I agree that these are nice assets though and I’m sure they’ll help quite a few people. :smile: