Low Poly House Build

Hello! I am a new builder who has recently started work on this build:

I am still a new builder and for some reason I no longer have gap fill however I will reinstall it shortly. This build is not yet finished. Please give constructive feedback on this build. Thanks!


Looks decent, however I think you could add more details to it, such as bricks and maybe add window sills. To make it stand out more you should add some scenery like flowers and plants. Even some low poly grass blades.


The build isn’t yet done rn. Also I can’t add bricks. Don’t look right for some reason.

Yeah I understand that. Sometimes it comes out weird looking. But try scenery

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Thanks for the suggestion…

Since this seems to be your first low-poly build, it honestly looks not that bad I would try working on adding some detail to your build so it could look a bit better overall for a starter. Keep practicing and eventually you can create something greater.

Right now, I think it could look better if you centered the door and remove the neon from the windows as it doesn’t look that good in my opinion the windows could be placed with grids so it doesn’t look so square like however it isn’t bad for a first build.

I personally would add some variety of shapes to the building don’t try making the roof so flat on one end, consider making it the same design place something that’ll match within the build. You could add bits of details here and there around it so it could look more improved including the building itself.

It’s a good build.

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It’s not my first - probably like my 3rd but I’m still new.

From first glance, there are a couple of things I can suggest.
Think about symmetry (not reffering to the roof). I understand that often times low poly builds are purposely made to look funky and cartoony hower in your case, all of the edges and windows for examples are straight lines hence not implying that funky is what you are going for. I noticed the gap between the windows and the door arent the same length, maybe im just picky. As others have already stated, try adding some details like window borders and other small yet significant details. Don’t worry too much about those since its your first build. There are a couple more things, but since its your first and Im not sure how comfortable you are with studios building, i’ll restrain my other comments. Good attempt overall, keep it up :slight_smile:

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I never stated it was my first build hahah. Like my 3rd or 4th. How do I add window borders? Gap Fill hates me and won’t install. >:(

Hey kieran. I’d suggest to make your increment to something like .1 or .2 and wedge it between the window and the house. I’d also suggest making a roof and the door into a triangle (I can show you this) also to add a border around the bottom of the house. here is the window pic roughly made xample

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Hi, I like what you are going for however, to improve you could add things like outlines to the windows, make the neon a bit darker and add pillars on the corners. You could also experiment with the shape. Then you could finally add some decorations outside, trees, bushes, grass. Good build :+1: