Low poly house build

Thoughts on this low poly build I’ve been working on?

I’ve tried to keep it simple but tried to still include some detail in it.

Please suggest anything below :point_down:
-Anything I could change?
-Anything I could maybe add to it?
-What is good about it so far?
-What’s maybe not so good about it?

(Just to clarify I’m asking for critics on the build not the picture, the picture was just to show what it looked like so far)


Well, we need some shadows because it looks unrealistic with no shadows.

Maybe add some characters?

The house you made.

The house is unlogical considering that the height of the first floor and second floor of the house is small.

She asked for critics on the build not on how to make it look pretty for a picture, It’s not a gfx she’s trying to makes she wants to know how to improve the build (aka the house)

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Thankyou for your critics however it’s not supposed to be perfectly logical, take adopt me for example, that’s the style that I’m going for.

I see, keep improving.


I’m giving her ideas on how to improve better.

@iucag Was just pointing out the fact that I wanted critics on the build instead of the picture as that’s all I needed criticism on.

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So was I giving wrong feedbacks? I’m sorry then.

Great job on the build! it looks amazing! Only thing I would add is maybe some textures on the roof.

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This build looks great! I agree with @Blah_Waaa texturing the roof would improve this build. Other than that, looks pretty darn great!