Low-poly map Feedback

Hello everyone , I made a low-poly map and I would like to know how much such this map can be worth.


Personally, I would pay 5k-10k for it.


It looks like a basic simulator map, I would pay 2-3k I guess, good job.

11K is what i would pay

its really cool!

The map is basic, I would pay 2-5k but you did a great job overall.

Well, most of it is either free models or copied RoBuilder’s tutorials step by step.

about 500 - 3k, considering I could make this myself.

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I would pay 1-2k , it looks nice, but small.

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I suggest adding gradients to the trees, it’d make them stand out more.

I’d probably pay 5K.

I would pay 3k to 4k for it I think

3k - 4k robux its nice but it could be improved ( shrubs, likke grass stuff walls, egg containers, island teleporters, trees, etc.)